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Springtime Houses Village Banner, Summer Town Garland, Cottages Bunting, Felt Wall Hanging Decoration

Springtime Houses Village Banner, Summer Town Garland, Cottages Bunting, Felt Wall Hanging Decoration

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Don’t have room for a traditional miniature village? No problem- hang one on your fireplace mantel instead or anywhere really! All the springtime buildings shown are included.

This bunting is made of felt and about 6 inches tall and 4 ft wide. The fabric is hand cut and some details are hand painted. All details are cut by hand and very miniature.

This felt banner decoration features houses and cottages in the springtime. Starting on the left we have a white cottage with a salmon pink rooftop that has an arched window with a gridded pane. On the first floor there are two gridded paned windows, a mushroom and tulips. To the right of the white cottage is a white washed wooden cottage with a lot of flowering shrubbery growing all over the house and a cute bicycle out front. To the right of the wooden cottage is a brick Tudor style home featuring a pink flowering tree. In the center of the banner is another white washed wooden home with an orange door, tree, hose, and miniature clothesline. To the right of that is a mossy cottage with flowering vines crawling up the side and onto the roof. This home has some English countryside vibes with its pink door, fountain, and mailbox. To the right of that is a light sea foam green house with a tan, scalloped roof, and a chicken weather vane. The door has a heart on it and is flanked with English garden style potted trees and the wheelbarrow has been left out by the avid gardener. Lastly, the stately white house on the far right has an orange stone roof, a large white porch, a hanging flower pot and a watering can.

Homemade Heartfelt’s banners are adorable wall hangings but they are also very versatile and there are other places to decorate with them such as draping them off a a fireplace mantel or off a shelf. Try pinning them up in a doorway arch, over a window or sink. String across a wreath, or turn into a cake topper.

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