Decorate for your next summer barbeque with these party banners!

Handmade details, miniature accents, home decor made whimsical.

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About the Maker

I’ve been working with felt for 10 years now and my craft is always evolving. I started with making felt quiet books when my husband was deployed and we were newly married. That evolved into lots of other children’s items, including felt keychains, but eventually, somehow, landed me on making these miniature clotheslines.

I just love miniatures and I just love felt! I love these miniature clotheslines, banners, garlands, bunting, because they are easy to put up just about anywhere! I like to hang them off of the mantel, above doorways, off shelves, or just plain on the wall! You could also attach them to wreaths, hang them on trees, or attach them to dowels for putting on a cake!

When I’m not at home crafting in my craft room, I might be at a local craft fair, but I am probably teaching art classes at a local Christian school, spending time with my hubby, Aaron, who is in the US Coast Guard, playing with my Havanese pups, Mikey, Scooter, and Stevie Girl, or out shopping at a craft store!

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Hannah from Homemade Heartfelt